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Monday, October 18, 2010

First Attempt

They were as delicious as they look.

The key is to pour the cream very. sloowwwwly. so that it rises back to the top.
Thank you, Kaitlin. How do you know so much?

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Long-Coveted Recipe for Espresso Shooters

Due to a certain amount of harassment over the release of this recipe I've decided to disclose it to my public. However, in the spirit of full disclosure I feel it important to mention that I came upon the knowledge of these secret ingredients through somewhat unethical means...eavesdropping. That's right. But truly, I don't feel bad for stooping so low. It's one of those ends justifying means situations. You'd have done the same after one delectable sip...

First, prep your glasses (no bigger than 1 1/2 oz.) by rolling the
rim on a moistened sponge and then dipping it in raw sugar.
Add to each glass equal parts:
Kahlua Syrup, you can use the real thing if you want to stiffen it up a bit.
Espresso, made ahead and cooled.
Heavy Cream, drizzeled over the top as pictured above.

It really is that simple to taste heaven. I plan on serving them at every event I ever host. Ever.
Enjoy, Jen!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Blue Kind of Fall

So…I’ve been trying to write this blog in my head for about two weeks, but every time I start typing the fifth finger of my right hand reaches up and starts tapping, hammering, woodpeckering on the backspace key. If this post lacks a degree of cleverness, its because I have determined to get the facts out of my swirling mind on onto my blog today, no matter what.
Usually Autumn is a time to huddle down, get cozy, organize, bundle up and prepare for a long winter… I guess all that is true of this Autumn as well, but we have the added “expectation” and “anticipation” to our list of Fall feelings. A little over two weeks ago we got “the call” from Adoption Ministry telling us that we had been chosen! Although I thought we would someday receive such a call, I heard the words and found myself in complete shock. Tears and unbelief clouded my understanding as our adoption councilor filed through the facts of our situation… When I hung up I realized I hadn’t even found out when the baby was due!
Since that day, we have met with both the birthfather and the birthmother as well as her mom and dad. All of our meetings have been really, really good (thanks to lots of prayer!)and have solidified the ground of this adoption. I found out that we are ‘expecting’ a boy, and his due date is November 24th…three days after my mother’s birthday and one day before Thanksgiving. I’m pulling for him to make his appearance on either of those days! But of course, God knows the perfect time.
Sarah has taken up the charge of praying for her ‘baby brother’ and asks regularly, “Where is him?” We have taken the opportunity to really introduce the concept of adoption to her little two year old brain…its amazing how much she understands! When we met with our son-to-be’s birthmother, Sarah prepared a blue play-dough cake stuffed with crayon candles and presented to her saying, “Happy Birthday to him. He’s hiding in there. Come out, baby brother!” When we left she said, “Bye-bye, Baby, see ya soon!” Meanwhile, she practices swaddling, diapering, feeding, and sleepy time with every baby doll and stuffed animal she has. It is SO sweet! I think she’ll be a good helper and a good big sister.
Naturally, the thing that I think about the most is how good God is to us in spite of what we deserve. He is certainly not giving us a son because we are such perfect parents to the daughter he has already given us, but because he is just indescribably good. It is humbling and thrilling. The fact that he has created a way to adopt us into his family even while we were the most undesirable is the greatest demonstration of his goodness extended to us. Thank you, Lord!
I often say that every adoption is a miracle…there are always a million and one things that are unknowns, a trillion and one things that could change. The fact that his birthparents have chosen life for him is the first miracle, the second will be the finalization of the adoption. Please pray with us and for us through this process. Pray that the birthparents hold fast to the decision that they have made, pray that the council they receive is good, pray that we would be able to establish relationships that instill confidence and affection with his birth family, pray that he would grow healthy and strong, pray….use your imagination! My dear friends daughter prayed that “we would be loved.” Truly sweet.
Meanwhile, we have six weeks to prepare for the new blue hue our home will be taking on… What a beautiful Autumn it is turning out to be! Makes turning 30 seem just fine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goodness and Mercy

Today I am thankful.

My life is bathed in the goodness of God.

DSC_1258 copy

Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Blessed is He.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More of the Same

I can’t resist posting a few more of my pictures from the wedding…I know, you’re longing to see more predictable pictures of a couple you’ve never met, but I did issue fair warning that this would probably happen. I promise to tantalize your taste bud’s desires at the end of this post to reward your endurance!
The creativity represented in the decor of this wedding was exquisitely simple.
crooked cake love sign sheet music berries centerpiece cheesecake hand glasses empty glasses full glasses with hand half goneVibrant Flowers   DSC_0227
Charming, right? I know. I loved it. Rustically classy, shabby and elegant.
pizazz gameGame time!
scrunchedkissI’m pretty sure he’s the winner… 
These make me happy… probably because they look so happy. Post wedding everyone is SO much more relaxed!!!

shooter5shooter3shooter1shooter2shooter4Okay, and here’s the long awaited pictures of heaven in an ounce, aka, espresso shooters. Honestly, I pilfered three, but think I could have downed six without a pause. SO YuMMy!    
If you’re very, very lucky I might let you in on the recipe that I managed to overhear rather sneakily…..
So there you have it. I like taking pictures. The end.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photasmic Bliss

One thing I learned last weekend: I don’t ever want to be solely responsible for capturing for all eternity the joy and anticipation of some happy couple’s wedding day. In the role of ‘assistant’ photographer, however, I feel right at home. Basically, thanks to the honor my dear friend gave me by asking for my assistance, I got to do what I love -  run around snapping my shutter at people in hopes of achieving something stunningly creative – with none of the responsibility. It was ideal! Here’s a sampling of the legion of pictures I took. (Have I mentioned lately that I love my Nikon D90? Yes, well, I thought it was worth mentioning again!)

The Groom and his men…and their cool blue Vans.

CSC_0453 copy DSC_0009 (2)cDSC_0058 (2) DSC_0246 (2)DSC_0003 (2) copyDSC_0065 (2)   DSC_0174 (2)c copycDSC_0241 (2) copyc

That’s enough of the boys…now here’s the gorgeous bride ~

 DSC_0350 (2) copyStunning, really.DSC_0320 copyDSC_0339 (2) copy  DSC_0398 (2) copy  DSC_0434 (2)copy  DSC_0437 (2)DSC_0420 (2)copy

What I’ve decided is, I really like taking portraits, would love a chance to practice more, and have a long and steep learning curve ahead of me… because intuition and creativity is NOT enough.

I have SO many more pictures from last weekend that I want to post, so if you choose to come visit my blog you know what you’re getting into!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love Autumn. No season other season makes me so happy, so retrospective, so comfortable. No other season's wardrobe gives me such delight. Autumn is uniquely loved by me for all its spices and smells and textures and colors. Typically, I am the first to try to rush the season, giving my poor Summer-loving husband reason to doubt that we really are compatable. Poor, poor man.

For the first time in my life of Autumn-adoration, I had to scold someone for ushering in the new season too early. I felt an instant affinity for Jon. We were sitting at a baseball game on a gloriously warm Summer night earlier this week when the offending comment was made and I felt an unfamiliar sense of protection for Summer's ebbing days flow over me. Viva la Summer! Bring on the heat! We've waited long enough for it and now that its here I want a chance to enjoy it before I sip my first Pumpkin Spice Latte and resign myself to sweaters and puddles.

Here's the rub: After defending Summer's right to continue as planned, spouting on about how I'm just not ready to give up water fights and blackberries and iced americanos, the thought of Fall was planted. If I'm perfectly honest, the niggling has started. Pretty soon it will become an undeniable longing for the cozy warmth of Autumn. I'm fighting, but its a loosing battle.

In deference to the man who works in the rain for me all in all sorts of dismal WA weather, I will restrain myself from lauding the coming of the best season of the year until the first week of September. It only seems kind.

I love Summer.
I love Autumn more.